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  We have expanded our Data Storage and Data Vault:

    How often do you back up the data on your computer? If you're like most people, not very often, if at all. Yet the information stored on the hard drive can be incredibly valuable. Think of your financial records, business contacts, e-mail addresses, letters and so on. What would happen if it all just disappeared? How long would it take and how much would it cost to reconstruct the missing data? Can't happen? It does every day for a variety of reasons.

    What would happen if your data were suddenly lost as a result of:


The disk drive you use for backups fails for mechanical reasons.


Your computer is stolen--laptops are particularly vulnerable.


Your computer is destroyed by fire, floods or other disasters.


A power surge fries your machine (Make sure you have a surge protector on your computer equipment.)


An employee accidentally or intentionally erases key data.


A virus infects your system.


Your hard drive crashes. Sooner or later it will; the only question is when.


    Computer files can be restored in the event of a crash, but it will cost you several hundred or even thousands of dollars. In the meantime, you may be lost without essential data.

    If you diligently back up your system and store the backups off-site, you're in good shape. But most of us never do this--until it's too late.

    Our customers needed data backup, and most of them realized this. A data loss can pose a serious threat to the survival of any small business. Our Data Vault service is the best data protection value for small businesses. Check out our competitive pricing tiers below. The great news is that many data types compress and we'll only bill you for your compressed data size. You might pay even less than you expect! Trying is risk free. If you cancel during your first fifteen days of service, you will not have to pay for anything.

    Southern Fried Computer is a technology company focusing on the creation of new and innovative ways for people to manage, share and preserve their music, photographs, video and data. You can bring in the data, daily, weekly, or monthly. Or have us retrieve it. Its that simple!


We will store your videos, photos, music or data on our high speed Raid 5 Servers.

We backup your data 4 different ways.


Data Storage Amount
(1000 MB = 1 GB)

Service Price

0 MB up to 300 MB


>300 MB up to 2 GB


>2 GB up to 4 GB


>4 GB up to 6 GB


>6 GB up to 8 GB


>8 GB up to 15 GB


>15 GB up to 25 GB


>25 GB up to 35 GB


Over 35 GB

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    You will be billed on the first of each month for data storage used during the previous month. Your first charge will also include a one time Setup  Fee of $35. This fee is fully refundable if you cancel during your first fifteen days of service. Prices listed above are for data brought to us,  Service charges will apply for us retrieving the data be it by the internet or physically.  Minimum 6 month agreement. We also charge $15 per CD if you request that we periodically copy your data set to a CD (for example, some customers request weekly, monthly, or annual copies of their data set on CD).


Our Video Vault and Data Storage Services are priced per user per volume.

There are a quite a few pricing plans and we can tailor one for your needs.



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