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NOD32 Awards

 Unique technologies built into NOD32 Antivirus suite of programs result in unprecedented detection efficiency and the highest hard disk scanning rates. The most prestigious international awards earned by NOD32 Antivirus system are presented below. Among the awards, Virus Bulletin 100% Awards are of special importance due to the high professional recognition of this international publication on computer virus prevention, recognition and removal. NOD32 have earned the award a record 29 times already. Since the first submission of NOD32 for Virus Bulletin testing in May 1998, NOD32 system did not miss a single "In the Wild" virus in any of the tests.
Full listing of our results can be found at: http://www.virusbulletin.com/vb100/archives/products.xml?eset.xml
Virus Bulletin November 2004

Since May 1998, NOD32 has been the only antivirus product in the world that has not missed a single (ItW) worm or virus in the rigorous testing conducted by the Virus Bulletin. This time the Virus Bulletin re-tested the Windows 2003 Server platform.

Since the last time the Virus Bulletin tested this platform, close to 90 new worms were added to the “In the Wild” (ItW) category. Once again, NOD32 won the 100% Award for detection of all (ItW) worms and viruses while getting no false positives. Additionally, NOD32 outperformed all 26 products tested by having the fastest scanning rates for the executable files!

As stated by the Virus Bulletin, “NOD32 continues to be entitled to quote its unblemished record of (ItW) detection”.

Launch of NOD32 in Panama starts with the Best Conference Award!
10/05/2004 (Panama City, PANAMA)

Eset's VP for Latin America, Ignacio Sbampato, received the Best Conference Award at the largest IT Latin America Conference in Panama for his excellent presentation of the latest trends and strategies in the battle against computer viruses. The lecture focused on the defense of the corporate networks and the unique characteristics of NOD32 combating the current threats. FITEC was held in Panama City, Panama, between September 30th and October 3rd and served as official forum for Micro Technology, ESET's exclusive distributor for the region, to launch the new version of NOD32 Antivirus on the Panama market.

Julio Miranda, President of Micro Technology commented: "The high interest shown by the attendants due to the great features of NOD32 Antivirus, low impact, speed, accuracy and advanced heuristics, indicates that NOD32 is quickly becoming one of the  most favorite antivirus products in Panama. Our clients are impressed by the world record number of Virus Bulletin VB 100% Awards that NOD32 holds".
"Micro Technology's IT security solutions expertise with local offices in Panama will provide our clients with state of the art protection and reliable services when needed.", commented Ignacio Sbampato, Eset's VP for Latin America.

Virus Bulletin August 2004

NOD32 expands its record of being the only antivirus system in the world that has not missed a single “In The Wild” virus, in the comprehensive testing conducted by the industry’s leading authority, the Virus Bulletin. This record is over six years old and growing!

NOD32 for NetWare retains the distinction of functioning as two NLM’s, a module for the on-access scanner and one for the on-demand scanner. On-demand scans are performed via a command-line interface. NOD32 has had this configuration for a long while and it serves very well as a local solution on NetWare.

Of the ten (10) products tested, NOD32 was only one of two with all samples detected on both on access and on demand scanning, with no false positives. In addition, NOD32's scanning rate of the executable files was almost twice as fast of the other product with 100% detection and up to six times faster than some of the other products tested.

Once again, NOD32 sets records for detection and efficiency of operations.

Virus Bulletin June 2004
For more than six years, NOD32 remains the only antivirus system in the world that has not missed any 'In the Wild' virus in the prestigious tests performed by the international magazine - Virus Bulletin. Out of the 25 antivirus products tested on Windows XP platform, NOD32 was one of the 3 that have achieved a clean sweep detecting all the viruses in all the test sets in both on-demand and on-access tests without any false alarm. However, NOD32's scanning rate of the executable files was more than 3.8 times higher than the second best product and 21 times higher than the third of the products with 100% detection rate.
Virus Bulletin April 2004
Since May 1998, close to six years (!), the NOD32 Antivirus System has been the only product in the world that has not missed a single “In the Wild” virus in the rigorous testing conducted by the antivirus industry ‘bible', the Virus Bulletin ( www.virusbulletin.com ). The tests performed on Red Hat Linux 9 last month proved to be no exception. NOD32 not only did not miss any “In the Wild” virus, but its overall scanning rate was faster than any of its 14 competitors. This test has, as many tests before have, once again proven what Virus Bulletin said about NOD32 several years ago: “It is almost a truism in the antivirus world that you must choose between fast scanning speed and good virus detection. NOD32 bucks that idea by effectively coupling the two.
Virus Bulletin February 2004
With yet another "clean sweep" of every virus in every category, NOD32 retains its championship title as the only antivirus program in the world that has never missed an In the Wild virus in a Virus Bulletin test!
PC Chip ( Croatia ) names NOD32 #1 antivirus software in its comparative review
November 2003

In its November 2003 Antivirus Test Comparison, PC Chip Croatia rated NOD32 as the #1 performer in both speed and detection . . . ahead of antivirus industry heavyweights Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, AVG, eTrust, H+BEDV, Panda, and Sophos.

"Since the beginning NOD32 was rudely neglected in favor of "big names" - the famous web site Cnet went so far as to bury NOD32 as a third class program with doubtful quality - but they could not have gone further from the truth, because NOD32 is the winner of many awards and certificates from the most respected independent labs and groups in the antivirus industry." wrote the PC Chip Editor in his review.

Virus Bulletin: “NOD32 produced an unsurprising 100% detection rate …”, and earned its record 24 th VB100% Award!

NOD32 Antivirus extends its stunning performance in Virus Bulletin's tests and receives its unprecedented 24th VB100% award! NOD32 remains the only antivirus product in the world that has not missed any In the Wild virus in Virus Bulletin tests for more than 5 years and has received more coveted Virus Bulletin 100% Awards than any competing antivirus product.

NOD32's awesome scanning rate of 9.270 kB/s (which is more than twice the speed of the second competing product with 100% detection) beats the generally accepted paradigm: a product can be either fast or have excellent detection; NOD32 provides both with a minimal impact on CPU cycles.

Due to NOD32's Advanced Heuristics Technology Eset's antivirus product is able to detect a very high rate of the unidentified (and not yet analyzed) viruses without any need to update the virus signature database. This state-of-the-art feature provides the user an ultimate advantage protecting his computer against viruses that may hit the streets in the future.

NOD32 Antivirus First To Receive Checkmark Antivirus Certification Levels 1, 2 And Trojan For Windows 2003

"The Checkmark certification of NOD32 for Windows 2003 to AV [Anti-Virus] Levels 1,2 and Trojan, is the hallmark of a company whose philosophy is to be a cutting-edge AV developer," commented Chris Thomas, Operations Director of West Coast Labs, in a statement announcing the results.
West Coast Labs’ certification process represents the true test of an antivirus product’s capability to detect viruses, worms, and Trojans. Eset is pleased to provide its growing client base even further proof of the top detection qualities of NOD32 Antivirus on the Windows 2003 platform,” commented Miroslav Trnka, Eset’s Chief Technology Officer.

Unprecedented Virus Detection
NOD32 Checkmark certification comes just after the product received its record 23rd Virus Bulletin VB100% Awards granted by Virus Bulletin, the “Antivirus Industry Bible”. Analysts have confirmed the company’s claim of having the only product to never miss an ‘In the Wild’ (ItW) virus during its Virus Bulletin testing since May 1998.

About Checkmark:
The Checkmark provides a clear and unambiguous indication of attainment of a relevant standard for users of computer security solutions. The Checkmark standard is a real-world, industry accepted test. Users can very easily tell if a product possesses a Checkmark certification by ensuring that the Checkmark logo appears on the product package, by contacting West Coast Labs, or by visiting the Checkmark web site, www.check-mark.com.

2003 InfoWorld Readers' Choice Award
San Francisco (July 28, 2003)

NOD32 Antivirus System receives a 2003 InfoWorld Readers' Choice Award from InfoWorld Media Group, responsible for delivering award-winning technology and product news, research and analysis to the IT community for more than 25 years. More than 1000 readers voted this year's Readers' Choice Award.
NOD32 has also received the InfoWorld Test Center's top rating of Excellent, a mark given by InfoWorld editors and analysts to products that have shown top quality and market readiness. "NOD32 provides excellent functionality and simple administration in a package that won't tax computer or human resources." (InfoWorld, July 2003)

InfoWorld is a division of IDG, the world's leading technology, media, research, and event company. IDG publishes more than 300 magazines and newspapers and offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through IDG.net, which comprises more than 330 targeted Websites in 80 countries.

Virus Bulletin June 2003
NOD32's remarkable five-year run of 100% detection of every ItW virus is due to its unique core technology which addresses both known and unknown viruses. Although there are at least 50,000 viruses (some sources put the figure as high as 80,000) known to exist today, the most dangerous are ItW (In the Wild) viruses - those viruses independently reported by two or more top antivirus researchers worldwide as currently spreading through normal user contact. In even the few short hours it takes for virus labs to analyze and create patches or updates, rapid Internet "virus propagation time" enables new ItW viruses to achieve worldwide infiltration and cause widespread damage.
NOD32, by virtue of its advanced heuristics technology, provides state-of-the-art protection against both ItW and unidentified viruses. Heuristic analysis enables NOD32 to detect virus-like activity, thereby automatically initiating action to isolate the infected files. NOD32's remarkable scanning rate enables it to do its job without impacting system performance - a major concern for many users.
Any product in a Virus Bulletin VB100% test that detects 100% of all ItW viruses in both the On-demand and On-access tests without any false positives is granted the VB100% Award. In the latest VB100% test, conducted in June 2003 on the Windows XP Professional Platform, a total of 32,184 viruses were missed by 24 other products. NOD32 was one of only two products that did not miss a single virus in any of the tests.
Generally, antivirus products are expected to be either a good virus detector or a fast scanner. In Virus Bulletin's published test results, in addition to unbeatable 100% detection, NOD32 also demonstrated an awesome throughput rate in excess of five million kilobytes per second - a scanning speed 3.7 times faster than the only other perfect-scoring product, and a full 5 times faster when scanning EXE files.
Virus Bulletin February 2003
Yet again, NOD32 provided what is becoming a rather dull score of no misses in any of the test sets upon which it was applied, thus being eligible for another VB 100% award to add to its growing collection.” (Virus Bulletin, February 2003). For more than four years, NOD32 Antivirus System continues to detect all In the Wild viruses in the test of the Virus Bulletin, industry renowned, international publication on virus prevention, recognition and removal. NOD32 has not only detected all the infected files, but also achieved the highest scanning rate among the systems with the highest detection rate.
"Certified Power Tool 2003" award

Popular public website, the Powertools forum, selected NOD32 as this year's recipient of the Power Tool Award. The readers and participants of the forum select the most powerful application in a number of different areas. NOD32 became the best Power Tool antivirus. To see the list of all awarded applications, click here.


“The Best Antivirus of 2002” Award (by Australian PC User magazine)!

NOD32 wins Australian PC User's "Best Antivirus" Award for the second consecutive year !!! Popular Australian PC User magazine, with readership base of several hundred thousands, has been the premiere source of PC information for home and small business users in Australia for more than a decade.


"The Best Antivirus (of 2002)" Award by PC Chip Croatia

Croatian edition of the PC Chip magazine has selected NOD32 as the Best Antivirus program of 2002. Prestigious PC Chip award has been granted to NOD32 shortly after the largest Australian magazine, the PC User, selected NOD32 as the Best Antivirus the second consecutive year.

Virus Bulletin November 2002

The NOD32 Antivirus System has again demonstrated its unprecedented detection efficiency in the latest exhaustive test comparative of 21 antivirus products performed by the prestigious international journal of the antivirus industry, Virus Bulletin. The tests were carried out on the Windows 2000 Advanced Server platform, and were published in the November 2002 issue.
Detection capability and scanning speed are the two key parameters of an efficient antivirus system. Of the 21 participating products, only two were able to match NOD32's detection level of "100% clean sweep" ... but the second and third best contenders took 4.5 times and 14 times longer than NOD32 to complete the scans ... once again confirming NOD32's position as the world's fastest and most accurate scanner.
Since its first submission for testing in May 1998, NOD32 has not missed a single In the Wild virus in Virus Bulletin tests. Now the holder of an unequalled 20 Virus Bulletin 100% Awards, NOD32 is well on its way towards its fifth consecutive year of worldwide leadership in virus detection.

"NOD32 remained speedy ... full In the Wild detection for both boot and file viruses was sufficient to garner another VB 100% award. Misses were, in fact, absent in any test set." (Virus Bulletin, November 2002, p.20)

NOD32, the fastest antivirus program according to the Swedish computer magazine MikroDatorn

In the September-October issue of the computer magazine MikroDatorn, NOD32 was chosen the fastest antivirus program out of ten products tested.

"The antivirus program that clearly distinguished itself from the rest was NOD32 […] NOD32 was the antivirus program that stood out the most in our performance tests. A full virus scan of the whole hard drive only took two minutes and two seconds, compared to the majority of the other antivirus programs that needed between five and seven minutes for accomplishing the same task."

MikroDatorn also tested how much impact the different antivirus programs had on the overall performance of the computer. NOD32 distinguished itself in this test as well:

"NOD32 performed best with a barely noticeable performance impact that we rounded down to zero percent... The program required so little resources that it hardly could be measured by our benchmark program Sysmark 2000."

There is no question about it, the developers at Eset have done a remarkably fine job in developing NOD32. Not only does NOD32 do an excellent job in detecting viruses, it does it with lightning speed as well, and without having negative impact on performance.

Eset, congratulations!

NOD32 chosen as Hot Product by DCM Magazine
Coronado, Ca., September 24, 2002 – ESET Software a leading provider of internet software security solutions announced today that NOD32, its next generation antivirus software program, has been chosen by DCM Magazine for review as a Hot Product in its November 2002 issue. DCM Magazine specializes in "Bringing ideas and insight to the data center management community."
OVER 250 products were considered for presentation as HOT PRODUCTS for this edition. The selection fo NOD32 for this review is quite timely as it has also just received its record breaking 19th virus bulletin award based upon a comprehensive test of the NOVELL version of NOD32 which not only proved to have the fastest scanning time of all products tested but it also was, once again, the only product that did not miss a single virus in all tests performed.
There is little doubt that within the Antivirus world - NOD32 is THE HOTTEST PRODUCT on the market. As sales continue to grow at pace of well over 500% it appears that corporate and home users alike agree that NOD32 is indeed hot stuff.
With offices in North America and Europe - ESET sells NOD32 via a worldwide network of distributors. Currently NOD32 is being used in over 60 countries and is available in 8 languages - all versions of which are updated and upgraded at the same time worldwide. ESET customers are staying with NOD32 - renewing at a rate of over 99%.
NOD32 may be the last antivirus system you try.
Virus Bulletin August 2002

The NOD32 Antivirus System has won its 19th VB100 Award from the prestigious "Antivirus Industry Bible", Virus Bulletin, after making yet another "clean sweep" of 100% of all viruses in every test set, combined with the fastest scan rate.

"NOD32 retained its impressive performance history, detecting all files in all test sets. This, combined with no false positive detections, gains NOD32 yet another VB 100% Award." (Virus Bulletin - August 2002)

A total of 2246 viruses were missed by the nine participating products in the August Comparative Review. NOD32 was the only product which did not miss a single virus in any of the four tests sets used.
NOD32's combined hard disk scan rate of the executable, zipped executable, OLE2, and zipped OLE2 files was by far the highest. NOD32 was more than 6.9 times faster than NAI McAfee NetSheild to scan all files, for example ... yet McAfee did not receive the award.
NOD32 continues to be the only product on the market which has not missed a single "In the Wild" virus since its first submission to the Virus Bulletin test labs in May 1998, and has maintained its stranglehold on the record number of Virus Bulletin 100% Awards.
Symantec have no version capable of working with Novell NetWare 6, and they were allowed to withdraw their Norton AntiVirus v7.60 Corporate Edition version product from the August Comparative Review due to "some problems". Symantec's strategic withdrawal means that NOD32 has again increased its lead over its largest competitor in terms of the number of VB100 Awards won.
In the past, some people may have questioned the seriousness and validity of Eset's bold advertising statement :

"You can have a virus or an Antivirus. Make your choice NOD32."

These latest test results from Virus Bulletin, the world's #1 independent antivirus testing authority, prove it's not just hype and Snake Oil !!!

NOD32 has received the Wintotal Award

One of the most popular German website portals dedicated to Windows software applications Wintotal.de granted NOD32 the Wintotal Award. In the tests performed by wintotal.de staff in August 2002, NOD32 received the highest possible rating of six points. The categories considered in the evaluation process include efficiency and speed of the scanning engine, system/resource requirements of the antivirus system, frequency of system updates and user friendliness of the graphical user interface.
Virus Bulletin June 2002
Once again NOD32 is the only antivirus program in the world to make a "clean sweep" of every virus in every category! With 18 Virus Bulletin 100% Awards, NOD32 continues to set the standard for others to try to achieve!
"Once more comes the arduous task of noting details of NOD32, before declaring it to have gained yet another VB 100% award. Speed and detection rate were maintained once more for Eset's product leading to a predictable, but no doubt welcome, result ..." (Virus Bulletin, June 2002) NOD32 combines highest possible detection rate with the highest overall scanning rate. In view of these results we could repeat Virus Bulletin editor's comments published in January 1999: "It is almost a truism in the anti-virus field that you have speed or good detection. However, NOD32 is one of the products that bucks that idea, effectively coupling the two."
The latest review confirms that NOD32 continues, year after year, to provide its users with the best combination of detection and performance.
NetworkingFiles.com Title of the Month
Anti-virus Title of the Month for June 2002
Eset Software, Coronado, CA., June 3, 2002 - NetworkingFiles.com has selected NOD32 the Title of the Month product, based on performance tests performed by this web site with focus on network software and admin. tools. "NOD32's detection efficiency combined with 2-50 times faster hard disk scanning rate earned the product many international prestigious awards" (see the full review at www.networkingfiles.com/AntiVirus/AntiVirus.htm).
Eset selected the IT Firm of the Year 2002 !
A professional panel of journalists and members of academia voted Eset, creator of NOD32 Antivirus System, the Slovak Republic IT Firm of the Year 2002. 35 companies were nominated and 5 were selected as finalists: IBM, SAP, PosAm, Datalan and Eset. Eset was selected the winner based on many different criteria including the uniqueness of the product, revenue growth rate, support of the non-profit organizations and others.
Virus Bulletin February 2002
NOD32 Antivirus system has received its 17th Virus Bulletin 100% Award (Virus Bulletin, February 2002). Since its first submission for testing by the professional international publication on virus prevention, recognition and removal - the Virus Bulletin, NOD32 has not missed any In the Wild virus.
The latest achieved result is yet another justification of the number of prestigious awards granted to this state-of-the-art antivirus system.
Coronado, Ca., December 13, 2001 - Eset Software a leading provider of Internet software security solutions announced today that NOD32, its next generation antivirus software program, has been chosen as the BEST ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM OF 2001 by PC User Magazine of Australia.
To quote from PC Users Australia December 2001 issue:
"In PC User's most recent antivirus tests, only one program provided 100% protection against all viruses in a very large test set --- NOD32." Not surprising since NOD32 is the only product to have never missed an "In The Wild" virus during Virus Bulletin Testing.
"NOD32 also has effective heuristics to protect against unknown viruses, and the company is really on the ball with updates." Next Generation Antivirus programs use advanced heuristics to detect new Viruses, Worms, Trojans and assorted Malware - NOD32 has the most advanced heuristics available.
"The penalty for thorough scanning is normally a longer scan time, but NOD32 was the fastest as well as the most thorough." NOD32 avoids the baggage carried by most other programs - written in machine code NOD32 scans the executable files at least two times faster than any other antivirus product available.
"Is it any wonder we awarded NOD32 as PC User's Best Antivirus Program of 2001?" Actually it is a very pleasant surprise to see a major publication willing to acknowledge the superior performance of a product that doesn't spend any money advertising in it.
"NOD32, more than any other program, is simply a must-have!!!"
Virus Bulletin November 2001
Eset Software, Coronado CA - NOD32 is the proud recipient of its, industry leading, 16th Virus Bulletin 100% award. Eset's NOD32 Antivirus Software continues to dominate the industry with respect to detection a claim supported by its title as the only product to have never missed a Virus in the Wild during testing by the Virus Bulletin. NOD32 also continued to set new high standards in Scan Rates with a total time to complete all tests of just 135 seconds compared to the average of 825 seconds and the next best time to complete of 251 seconds. To quote Virus Bulletin, when referring to NOD32's past performance of having never missed a Virus in the Wild test - "Their record claim remains unbroken" and "speed which it combines with a recent record of no false positives". NOD32 remains the Best of the New Generation and will most likely be the last Antivirus product you buy. You have already tried the rest - it is time to buy the best.
Virus Bulletin September 2001

The September 2001 Virus Bulletin test results have confirmed NOD32's place at the top of the 100% Award winners list. Analysts noted not only NOD32's detection performance but also the program's overwhelming speed of execution. Based on the results (Virus Bulletin, September 2001) NOD32 had an Executable File Throughput rate in excess of 5 million B/s, the next best was measured at 2 million B/s and most of the other 11 competing programs staggered along at less than 800,000 B/s. As an example, NAI McAfee NetSheild tested at approximately 7 times slower while missing 9 viruses and failing to win a 100% award.


"With no misses and an excellent overall scanning speed, there is little in the way of comment to make which is not blatantly obvious to even the most myopic observer", commented Matthew Ham of the Virus Bulletin (February 2001).


"... NOD32 does what it claims extremely well" summarizes NOD32 performance the Virus Bulletin.


PRESS RELEASE - July 2001 Virus Bulletin tests (July 16, 2001)

 NOD32 excels in July 2001 Virus Bulletin tests, detecting 100% of all the samples in all test sets and achieving impressive Hard Disk Scan Rates of the executable files, outperforming all other products by overwhelming margins (2-53 times!).

July 2001 issue of the Virus Bulletin (international publication on computer virus prevention, recognition and removal) features June 2001 results of the regular Comparative Review of the leading antivirus products. Four products achieved remarkable virus detection rate. Among the four products with highest (100%) detection efficiency, NOD32 turned out to be 18-36 times faster! NOD32 not only continues to provide 100% scanning efficiency but combines it with the highest possible scanning rate of the executable files. It took NOD32 52 seconds to scan all the test executable files (and not miss a single virus) while other products needed up to 46 minutes to do the job.

"The full detection of all samples in the test set is almost expected now, but the speed of scanning was even more remarkable." (Matthew Ham, Virus Bulletin, July 2001)


Cumulative results of the test results (July 2001, Virus Bulletin)


 Antivirus products submitted for testing Missed viruses HD scan time in seconds
(executable files)
 Eset NOD32DOS 0 52
 NAI VirusScan 0 960
 DialogueScience DrWeb 0 1674
 Kaspersky Lab AvpDOS32 0 1920
 Command Antivirus 3 209
 FRISK F-Prot 3 219
 F-Secure Antivirus 3 219
 CA Inocucmd 9 644
 Symantec Norton AntiVirus 17 1260
 GeCAD RAV 25 667
 Norman Virus Control 36 2769
 Trend Micro PCSScan 69 806
 CA Vet Rescue 91 703
 VirusBuster 106 590
 Grisoft AVG 206 1039
 Sophos SWEEP 242 1140
 Alwill Lguard 316 108
 HAURI ViRobot 12339 1589
Virus Bulletin April 2001
"NOD32 has gone from strength to strength. All files in all sets were detected... With speed tests as well as detection results being favorable, there is little to add but congratulations." (Mathew Ham, Virus Bulletin, April 2001)
Virus Bulletin February 2001
NOD32 was the only product (17 products were tested), that detected 100% of all infected samples across all the test sets in both On-Demand and On-Access tests and did it without a single false positive alarm. NOD32 also recorded the fastest hard disk scanning rate. Best Detection - Best Speed - Best Performance.
January 2001:

 NOD32 detects 100% of all infected samples in the About.com tests and achieves the highest detection scanning rate.

November 2000 - UK Consumers' Association WHICH? picked NOD32 as the "BEST BUY" product (Computing Which?, November 2000).
Among the six tested leading antivirus products (Norton AntiVirus, Norman Virus Control, NOD32, AVP Platinum, Command AntiVirus, McAffee VirusScan), NOD32 received the top marks for both Performance and Speed, becoming a clear winner of the evaluation by the UK independent Consumers' Association. The official results were published in the November issue of the Computing Which? magazine.
For many, this was not a surprising outcome since the NOD32 Antivirus system was the only one to detect 100% of the virus samples across all the test sets in the latest round of the Virus Bulletin tests and the only one to detect all of the "In the Wild" viruses since May 1998. We have always considered NOD32 a "BEST BUY" - now it's official.
Virus Bulletin September 2000
"Of all the test-sets scanned, NOD32 missed only one sample in the Standard set, a feat difficult to improve upon and unique to this review. Coupled with good scanning speed and no false positives, this is a gratifying result."
Virus Bulletin July 2000
"NOD32 does, to its credit, remain one of the more interestingly styled products on offer, as well as one ot the least amenable for witty comments at its expense. It has an excellent rate of scanning combined with accuracy, an enviable position to be in."
Virus Bulletin April 2000
NOD32 maintains its record of receiving the VB 100% in each test to which the product has been submitted.
Virus Bulletin February 2000
NOD delivers the greatest throughputs during scanning.”
Virus Bulletin November 1999
”NOD32 exhibited extremely impressive scanning speed, blitzing some of the other products with its scan rates well in excess of 2500kB/sec.”
Virus Bulletin September 1999
”An antivirus product in the strictest sense of the term. ... NOD does what it claims, extremely well.”
Virus Bulletin May 1999
”Aside from detecting all the In the Wild file and boot sector viruses, NOD32 had the highest overall detection rates.”
COFAX April 1999
NOD32 has earned the most technologically advanced software product award on the regular International Computer Fair COFAX 1999
Virus Bulletin March 1999
”It is almost a truism in the antivirus field that you have speed or good detection. However, NOD32 is one of the products that bucks that idea, effectively coupling the two.”
Virus Bulletin January 1999
”It is almost a truism in the antivirus field that you have speed or good detection. However, NOD32 is one of the products that bucks that idea, effectively coupling the two.”
Virus Bulletin November 1998
Detection remains at an impressive level.
Virus Bulletin September 1998
The review process was a pleasant overall; the interface being simple to control and effective. ... Detection, too, was definitely more respectable than many new implementations have managed.
Virus Bulletin May 1998
Detection has been boosted to VB 100% levels in the In the Wild test-set and were tantalizingly close to a clean sweep.

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